Tuesday, October 7, 2008

OZO Mamas - Solve.Race.Win!

Davis High Trek Adventure was a blast! My friend Lori and I - Team OZO Mamas - came in 5th place in Saturday's race. Here is our official number tag (we both had one) that was used throughout the race.

The key to winning the race was contained in this envelope! All teams opened them together on a countdown of 3-2-1. Solve. Race. Win!

Opening the envelope revealed a sheet of the first six clues. It also made Lori want to stop right there. She never thought we were going be able to do this. HA! We had to complete the first six clues and return back to the starting point to get the next set of clues. The clues did not have to be solved in any order so that actually made things a little easier.

We wanted to solve the clues first, then map out the route for best time. We were only allowed to use public transportation and foot, no cabs, no bikes, no shoes with wheels. You get the idea. We had to take a photograph of each solved clue as we solved them. Here's a few of the clues we solved:

Q: My thumb isn't green! Solve the crossword to find the three-word TREKpoint located within a 1/4 mile of the Davis Train Depot.

Q: That's what mind readers are for.... Dionne Warwick and her "friends" would totally love this place located on the street that periodically tours with the singer nicknamed "The Boss."

There were several students hanging out at some party pad near campus and we decided to stop to ask them for help with a clue. They were clueless!

Q: Love will keep us together...Find the building on UCD's campus that shares its name with a direct competitor of eHarmony. It's located within a 1/4 mile of the Bike Barn.

After completing the first six clues, we went back to the starting point to get our next set of clues. There was a team taking a break on the steps and drinking some beers. Lori asked what the current standings were and we were in sixth place at that point, which we felt great about, but we were also told that the team on the step had already completed the entire race. Yes! Both sets of clues! Lori and I were blown away!

We set off to solve the next clues. They made one of the clues very sweet, a delicious frozen yogurt! Our picture had to include the cups in hand!

Q: Sounds delicious....Find the building on UCD's campus where part of its name is a very popular lunchtime sandwich typically ordered with either turkey or chicken. You'll find this TREKpoint located within 300 feet of the Arboretum Waterway.

And my favorite clue was this one, even though it caused us to get docked about thirty minutes for backtracking. We had already solved an earlier clue right near there.

Q: Here's Johnny....Find this greasy spoon located within a 1/4 mile of the Davis Amtrak Station. It's name is a famous line from a Stanley Kubrick movie based on the novel by Stephen King.

There were lots of clues to solve and we did the entire race by foot, with a completion time of a few minutes over three hours. It was a whole lotta fun and we look forward to doing it again next year!


Kevino said...

Congratulations on a fine race. You should check out Urban Dare, www.urbandare.com. It's like a 1-day Amazing Race where you solve clues to find checkpoints and face fun challenges along the way.

Tickledrop said...

Thanks for the info Kevino.

My friend and I enjoyed this race immensely. I love trivia and anything along those lines and the actual activity was good for the body as well as the pleasure of a beautiful day out. I would do it again any day.