Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It's GreeKc For Me!

FREE download over at DGM people! "thanks to everybody at DGM"

August 13, 1982 >> The Greek Theater, Univ of Calif Berkeley

So exciting!! I love the early '80 sets that I have already. Heck. I love everything with Robert, Adrian, Tony and Bill! It's my favorite stuff because that's around the time I first started paying attention. I didn't see this show in Berkeley, but I did see my first KC show at the Los Angeles Greek only a couple years later.


Big Idea said...

Hey chick. Update your life would ya!

Good to "see" ya.


HA! Update my life! It's been so fucking hectic lately. But I can tell you this. I DO NOT want to have another baby. Ever. Period.

Anonymous said...

hi tickledrop,

i like these artists you have listed on your blog - especially all things kc related.
i don't know buckethead, though - will have to check him out.

have a great day!
cindy :)


Ditto Cindy!

Buckethead is a crazy player from the east LA area. I first starting seeing him at shows around the early '90s in the bay area clubs, guest appearring in other bands. Next to Tony Levin, he's got the longest fingers. Let me know what you think of his music.