Sunday, March 16, 2008

All We Need Is Love

Peace Love and Music!


Pete Franke said...


Tickledrop said...

HA! Yeah, and right back at ya dude.

Hey. What about those KC shows. I missed tickets before I even could spin around three times and click my heels. Wow. Was that fast or what? I wish they would do a full on tour.

Pete Franke said...

You know, its wierd, Im sure you saw my message on the tribe group, and it seemed like I had gotten one of the last tickets for the keswick shows but afterwards I decided to look on Ticketmaster and to my suprise, they had quite a few still available for both nights! So I think maybe the Keswick Theatre online ticket site was having ISSUES.

But no worries for me, I got my ticket, and Im 10th row, center stage section, right on the isle, which is like awesome! As far as the limited tour dates, its probably schedule conflicts; all these guys are so fucking busy. And it might be Fripp, being the odd duck that he can anyway, thats my take. Sorry you wont be able to see em Rena! Hopefully theyll do another set on the west coast soon.

peace babe!