Tuesday, January 13, 2009


A very unfortunate turn of events.

I understand now the difference of good neighbors, you know, those that come over and get to know you and become good friends over the years, and the not at all good neighbors, those that move in and become the new bullies kids on the block.

My neighbors, I'll call them C&C for now, moved in last spring. The day they moved in and while the moving truck was still in their driveway, the lady C came over not to ask, but to tell me to turn my music down. What the ?? What she didn't know was that the security screen door she knocked on but could not see through was hiding behind it a really cute and friendly, but not so friendly to strangers, female boxer. So she doesn't like the music and she gets the fuck scared out her by the dog. We are off to a good start. NOT.

Okay, I have no problem admitting that I love to listen to loud music. I do. It's something I love. And on that day I was playing Frank Zappa a little loud, but by no means loud enough to merit a complaint. It was about midday and I was shocked that she was at the door telling me to "just turn it down." Okay, I'm listening to Joe's Garage and she's telling me something right off the album. Hilarious. I couldn't believe it and could barely respond because I was really in shock, but I managed to blurt out four words, "Um, okay, but no." Well that was just the beginning of the harassment. I have since had the police called on me three times for noise complaints. Of course, all three times were during the day and I was found NOT in violation of our city's noise ordinance.

The weirdness doesn't stop there. Right after they moved in, and yes, after the whole thing about the music went down on move-in day, I gave them a plant and a baked goodie. As soon as I handed them to lady C, she as quickly as she could without dropping them, gave them to her husband and said as she walked away "I'm not a plant person." Yikes. How big is the stick up her ass?

Then this started happening and I thought I was tripping. They started controlling the parking spaces in front of the houses. Where there is plenty of room for three to park, they park in a way that only two cars will fit. At first I thought I was tripping on them too much, but no, I haven't drank too much koolaid. We live on a busy street and have driveway/garage parking along with street parking. No problems in the eight plus years I've lived here.

A couple days ago I leave the parking space in front of my house on the street to go to the store for ten minutes. I get back and the crazy ass went out and moved his tank back a couple feet so I could not park there. I was mad and wanted to know where they were coming from by doing that. I went over and knocked on their door. Of course, like the only other time I did that, they did not open the door. I went home and huffed and puffed to the family and settled into cooking and dinner. Well who was to visit me during that dinner? The fucking police. AGAIN! It turns out that they felt threatened by me when I knocked at the door. Give me a fucking break! I was again in shock. Okay. This guy is over six feet tall and I'm a small lady - 5.5 not much over 100. Are they kidding? Well the police sure didn't think so. I spoke with them while my young son stayed inside, yes, that's right, my young son. See, they are such cowards that they would rather send the police to speak to me than to speak to me themselves. What is that? I usually open the door when people knock on it and find out what they want, not call the police to say I'm being threatened. I mean really. Just speak to me if you have a problem with me. That's all.
I took the advice of the police department and called the mediation services offered by the city. The problem with that is it takes two parties to mediate and of course, they decline the offer. Fuckers. I did do a little research though and found out that the guy (mr control freak) is an over-educated shithead. A leading world expert in his field. Oh boy. I don't care who he is or what he has done. He's an asshole. And their house address is listed as the California headquarters the company that he is employed with. I think it's time to contact the company.
I know. You are wondering if there was anything I did to provoke this sort of behavior. I'm telling you, all I've done is be the same person I've always been. I have done nothing directly to them. In fact, it wasn't long after they moved in that the police first came. Believe me, after that I was done. I've never had that sort of thing happen. Never. All of my neighbors and I get along great. Until now. I hope they move, the sooner the better.


Johnny said...

Hey, its MEEEEE, Johnny!! I started this here blog and I'm following you now, so be nice! Wow, what a horror story about your psycho neighbors. What did you do in your past life to deserve that??? I hope the situation gets resolved (i.e., they MOVE!)

Sending you love and bliss, dearest Tickledrop! (I friended Robin, too... you'll have to tell her I'm not a stalker! heheh

Tickledrop said...

Hey Dude! It's Johnny! Thanks for the love and much love back to you J. I'll have to go over and check out your blog now. :)

Yeah. The neighbors suck. I did find out that their address is listed as a regional headquarters of a business so they received a letter from me last week regarding the situation. Hopefully they respond.

So how's your music coming along? I'd love to hear any recent stuff you might have recorded. Speaking of Robin, I am working on a project for her that I thought would be a lot easier, or at least less damn time consuming. It's almost done now.

Amy said...

I can't imagine that you would have done anything to provoke such actions. Don't even blame yourself. They are the kind of people you read about in horror books and see in pschyo movies.

Wow, the only thing I can say is Document everything. Keep a record of what happens in case they really turn out to be freaks of nature.
I also agree with going to the company. I'll help boycot them!!

lots of love

Anonymous said...

You can't pick your family and you can't pick your neighbors! I've got some odd one's living next to me but nothing that compares with your story! Hang in there.

~ Scott(not)

Tickledrop said...

Hi Scott and welcome.

The bummer is that it's day in and day out. I don't care (at all) that I won't get to know them as people or friends. I'm fine with that. I mean I do not want to know people like that really. I do not like that they could move into an established neighborhood and continually use the police department as a means (lack) of communication. Really? They will not speak to me but call the police. What idiots. It's extremely childish, bordering on insane.

I did send the letter to the company that claims that address as its newly established regional headquarters after my failed attempt at community mediation. Wonder what they will have to say.