Tuesday, July 17, 2007

International Collect Phone Calls

Okay, so I can just imagine what those calls cost. I had to tell Nora not to call me collect. Don't get me wrong. If something was wrong or she really needed to call, then of course she could, but not just because she is homesick. She lost her phone so now it's either three minutes for $3 phone card or call collect. She's done both.

She is doing well otherwise. She is living with two older seƱoras, no kids, no men. They baked her a cake on her 18th birthday. She's been busy making lesson plans and teaching classes. I'm not sure what she's teaching, but it's along side another volunteer so she's not alone. I miss her more than I expected, especially since all the other kids that were here, except for Leigh, have gone home.


Pete Franke said...

ya know, I just thought it would be nice to drop you a comment, given our mutual interest in things the Slick Family.

No other reason, really, but my thinking is, everybody who blogs should get a comment once in a while!! :-D

Cheers, and see you at a ABPT/KC show near you (perhaps, if you live on the east coast and choose to actively identify yourself as 'hey, Im that woman that calls herself tickledrop!'

yep, Im babbling....

Pete Franke


Hey Pete. Nice indeed. I didn't expect you, so even better. I've admired your write-ups and photos and sense to take crazy adventures for necessary doses of live music. Pretty much where I'm coming from also.

Yeah. I've blogged very little but now that my girl's on this trip, I've got a few people that might be interested in her activities, so I thought I'd post something.

Well. I'm not an east coaster, but a west coaster - northern cal near San Francisco. And, Adrian is bringing the show out west for a few... tease tease tease

I should see some shows on the east coast. I wonder what's keeping me?

Pete Franke said...

you realize that this thread will now turn into a game of hot potato...dont drop it or you LOSE!!

This thing with the Slicks and Ade really started innocently enough, with an opportunity to see the ABPTs first show in Indianapolis. I was SO impressed that I started snooping around, discovering robins blog through the 'tribes' yahoo group. From there, I saw them at World Cafe Live in Philly, and was just blown away. Thats where I met Robin and Gary, and was hugging on them like a long lost uncle or something. I guess my sense of humor and generally playful nature won Robin over and (after deciding I wasnt a stalker freakshow :-D )Ive enjoyed meeting up with her on occasion, seeing the kids (mainly Eric) perform with Projekt Object and with Wean and Crescent Moon.

then of course, there was my crazy round trip to Kentucky to be there for side 4. Sadly, I got carried away with my Jim Beam consumption at that particular gig and while I was lucid during the concert, afterward, well, not so much. Medic!!

Its just been a blast! I will have seen ABPT perform 4 times now and am looking forward to at least one more gig, hopefully in Philly again.

Whats really funny is, I havent read a SINGLE LINE of any of Robins books, lol (pls dont tell her!) AND I think I make robin nuts sometimes, cause she is such a hardcore militant liberal and is such a purist when it comes to music, while my tastes range the gamut of music, without any guiding philosophy.

I have no scruples, in other words.

AND, I have a 16yearold daughter, Kendra, AND am a full time, single dad, so I get alot of exposure to 'modern' rock and all the sub-genres that are out there now. A good example is that Im really excited about seeing the Projekt Revolution tour with Linkin Park and My Chemical Romance (with Mindless Self-Indulgence, HIM, Saosin and others). I even bought box seats with waitress service, awesome!! So me and my kid bond over rock and roll. certainly not something I was doing with MY parents.

OK, sorry, Im just on a roll here so I will stop. And dont worry, Im not going to subject you to daily posts. BTW, my kid really, really wants to go to The City, and she wants to do it soon. If the time comes, perhaps I will drop you a line and we can say hello.




Hey, hugging is a good thing! HA

So did you know Adrian's or Eric's music first? I couldn't get that out of your comment.

I wanted to go that show in Newport KY so badly! It was a tough spot to be in and I was really so close, but the weather was against me. I've got lots of family in that area too. What a drag. All these years I waited for such an event - a live recording with Adrian solo... without KC that is. Oh man. I'm glad you made it brother! Maybe I'll hear you screamin' on the disc or dvd! Oh, and no worries about the book. I haven't read it either! Maybe soon.

Very cool that you have a 16 year-old! Kudos on that dude. I wouldn't mind seeing Linkin Park, but those shows seem to make my head hurt. Heck, Gwen Stefani was bad enough. Her act was okay actually. It was the other two openers that I could have skipped. Well enjoy the show. I hope your waitress it cute! :P

Pete Franke said...

haha, I enjoyed your comments back at me, so here we go again. Especially since Robin hasnt bothered to answer my last couple of emails *sniff*. Clearly, she is too busy hangin with Patti Smith to be bothered with me :-D

I was into KC first, but with a qualifier. Ya know of course that everyone has heard 'In the Court' (as a disenfranchised youth, I carved the album cover into my desk)and then much later I heard 'Beat' and moved on from there to various favorite KC albums, dvds and live performance stuff.

On a seperate but related thread, I was unknowlingly into Ade by virtue of his work with Bowie and the Talking Heads (Ive owned about 5 copies of 'Remain in Light' during my lifetime, and I love Bowie) so I was diggin his guitar work before I even knew who the hell he was!

the 2006 ABPT Philly gig blew me away, and it was by virtue of meeting the Slicks that I became interested in Erics other gigs like P/O and crescent moon, etc. The kid is talented, in some ways I think playing with Ade actually slows him down! And Julie, man that girl is just smokin, and I mean that in a pure way. I like her presence on the stage and she is just remarkable to watch. I know that eric seems to draw more attention in the music arenas than Julie does, but I think Julie has other interests in her life, while Eric is alitttle more single minded.

...And the weather into Newport was scarey, let me tell ya! I found out from Gary that the owners of the hotel almost cancelled the show!! OMG, thank god they didnt, I would have been SO BUMMED OUT. Im sorry you couldnt make it, but I will say that the Southgate....was a bit of a dump, lol. I mean, I love trashy bars, and this one had so much history, and a great ambience, but I was alittle suprised at the actual stage area. the venue didnt have really great sound, in my opinion, and in hindsight Im suprised he didnt record at World Cafe, where the sound was so much bettter. Of course, these considerations may not matter when your're recording 'in line' and can do post-production on the recording.

Of course, who the hell am I to question the master :-D

peace (whats your name?)


Tickledrop said...

HA! My name is Rena Fay, or just Rena.

Of course you were a KC fan first. You have a 16 year old. What was I thinking? *boink*

I just downloaded the first KC show I saw in '84 at the Greek Theater in LA. That was the first time I saw Adrian live and my oh my, I knew he was my cuppa tea. I've been a long-time fan of all his many ventures. And just like you, I was listening to his work with Zappa, The Heads and Bowie before seeing him live and becoming addicted.

I first saw the Slicks with Adrian at their very first shows in Indy and Oh. Eric's playing blew me away also. I had just seen Terry Bozzio with ZPZ a week before and Eric's playing kicked butt. The kid has got IT.

I really want to hear Side Four. Knowing that my dear friend that got me to that first KC show at the LA Greek was there is special. He hadn't seen Adrian in many years, since back in the day going to shows with me. He took some pictures and sent them to me. I wonder if you are in any of them. Were you in the front near the stage?

Pete Franke said...

I saw your comment on robins blog and thought 'gee I wonder if she's replied to my earlier post?'...so here I am again.

thanks Rena, you know whats cool? I was at their first show in Indy, too! Actually I just happened to meet Ade and the slick kids behind the building before the show. I was walking from my car and came around the corner of the building and there was adrian belew! I managed to sputter some inanity at him about Frank Zappa and I have to admit I was more then alittle suprised and freaked out to meet him that way!

At the southgate, I was up front, actually sitting at the first table on tthe right side of the stage. Im a pretty big guy, in a good way, about 6'1'', 220 with brown curly hair and bright blue eyes (insert shameless self promotion disclaimer here!) but for some reason I find that I do NOT photograph well. Perhaps we should exchange pics so that we can run into each and be all like 'Dude!' and high five each other and such.

I did speak to Gary Slick last night in New Brunswick when I went to see crescent moon (the main band, Lunar Ensemble, was also kickass, AND they had Martin Atkins sitting on the kit(who? drummer for Public Image Limited, seminal post punk british band in the 70s, a well known song they did is called 'This is my Religion')) and Gary told me that the record is done, but adrian is apparently having some trouble getting a label interested in releasing it! Hopefully soon.

I guess thats all for now. lets keep chatting, ok? its been nice...

cheers Rena!

Big Idea said...

Hey Rena!!

Sounds like this trip is going to cost more then you bargained. Do you need to take up a collection to pay for phone calls?
It will be over soon, be glad she is calling.

Tickledrop said...

Aw thanks Amy. No. A collection is not necessary. I think we did that at the start!* But thank you. And if I remember right, you have a coffee grinder eh?

Okay woman. How do I leave you a comment? No blog, no myspace. Oooohhh, the group! *pounds forehead* I have stuff I've been gathering for you and the girls. I need to mail it already.

Hi Pete! OMG! Who would have known you were at Indy show too! high five! You weren't the guy that hit the front of my rental car, were you? Really!

I had never been to Indy, rented a car in northern KY at the airport and drove what seemed like all day. It wasn't awful because I made a setlist disc and listened to it over and over, oh roughly about four to six hours. Man was I ready!

I pulled into the parking lot and while in the car preparing myself for the show - aka gettin' a buzz - a guy drives into the space directly facing into the front of the rental car with declined insurance. I'm thinking, "damn, why did they have to go and park there" what little privacy I found when all of a sudden THUMP! No way! I couldn't believe it! I didn't even want to deal with it or him! HA That should teach me! NOT.

That was a great show too. I didn't like the chairs, but other than that it was a pretty cool club. Here's a picture after that show. Adrian motioned to me and said, "Now that would be the picture. It tells it all."
NOTE: Tried to insert pictures here, but this site does not allow that. I'll post in a new thread. Maybe that will work. Sorry.

And this one I just couldn't resist...
NOTE: Tried to insert pictures here, but this site does not allow that. I'll post in a new thread. Maybe that will work. Sorry.

I remember PIL around the early '80's. They seemed to go just on the grounds that they had Sex Pistol genes thrown in there. I never would have made the connection if it wasn't told to me. I'm not familiar with the other bands either, except for Eric's involvement and that's only because of Ms. Slick's blog.

"Im a pretty big guy, in a good way" ... and a tease. Hey I'm female. What else can I say?

You can see a few pictures of me HERE

I don't photograph well either. I never have. I think it's the Native American thing!

Cheers! RF

Pete Franke said...

Careful Rena, we might perpetuate an endless thread here. I was doing a round of website checks and looked in on you...thanks for the continued replies

Nice pics Rena, youre a pretty lady. Now I have to reciprocate with a pic of myself. I may be able to find one where I dont look like an escapee from a German beer hall. I will try. And while you were obviously having some fun at my expense, I need to be very clear on this point, my self descriptive comment was NOT intended as a reference to any specific part of my physiology!;-D

of course, Thats not to say that Im NOT big in a good way lol!

ANYWAY, my email is petefranke@hotmail.com. Send me a pic or two from the Indy show if you would like.

I have also gathered that you and I share a (healthy, unhealthy? I guess it depends on you ask) interest in things 420...ya, sister! For entertainment value Im gonna send you some pics of the bud I get from my good friend in this area....this cat is a gourmond and the shit he gets is unbelievable. if you ever come out to the east coast, I burn a blunt with you.

Your comment on the chairs at the Music Mill was so true. Holy shit, to drive all that way just to sit in a folding chair! And that reminds me of a story about the concert. I went to that show by virtue of a good friend I have in Evansville IN, who told me that Adrian was playing in Indy. Im excited cause Ive never seen Ade perform, so we get together and we're partying, and then we get in her van to drive up there and stop for a bottle of wine, and Im driving and she's drinking the wine.. and then we get there and she's drinking more wine....and then my dear friend was DRUNK OUT OF HER MIND during the concert!! Her son plays drums too, and she started blubbering and crying about how the drummer reminded her of her son, and how she wishes her son was here to see the show, and then she spilled her drink all over the place. Finally had to like pull a paper bag over head to calm her down (figuratively speaking). She ALMOST ruined the gig for me, with her craziness!! totally, totally trashed!

so THAT was fun. luckily, Im a very easy going guy and she was so contrite when she sobered up afterward that I couldnt be mad at her. It helped that belew and tthe kids totally BELEW me away!

Such an original play on words, I know!

OK Rena, be well. Safe travels and peace to you and yours.


Big Idea said...

I do have a blog. I sent you an invitation because it is private.

hold on and ill email you again.

Tickledrop said...

Okay Amy. I remember that now. I've seen the blog. Wonder why I didn't have it marked for quick access? Hmmmm.

Aw Pete. Thanks. Too nice, but thanks. ha

LOL @ your bigness. For some reason it brings to mind an old Buffy Sainte Marie song. Nevermind.

Oh, and I so look forward to your friendly garden pics. I've been taking developmental photos myself. About an hour ago. HA :)

The show in Indy was fun. It was so good to see Adrian, Martha and Ken again and I could really tell Adrian was thrilled to be on tour and about Julie and Eric. I was surprised to see it was your first time seeing Adrian play though. Wow! Well then it was good your friend knew about show and invited you - as you know it was about time you saw the man play live!! Sorry your friend had an alcohol episode though. Those are never fun. I don't remember any scene like that at the show, but that wasn't where my attention was at so that seems right. I'm usually designated driver in my circle because I don't drink alcohol. Just call me a diehard toker! :-D

Saw Dweezil and ZPZ gang last night in Berkeley. I'll post about it at the House of Belew in a bit. I'm still tired and now I'm hungry too. Aaaahhhh.

So did your round of web checks include myspace?

Pete Franke said...

LOL @ your LOL Rena! ;-)

ZPZ at Berkeley, oooh it sounds so COOL! I did see that show as well, at the Borgota in Atlantic City with Napoleon Brock, who is one crazy cat on stage, let me tell you! I will be honest, while I am a big fan of Zappa the guitarist, I have never been well versed in his music (about the only albums I have listened to all the way through are Zoot Allures, Joes Garage and Shut Up and Play Yer Guitar)so Napoleon channeling Zappa was very confusing to me. Fun, but confusing.

Also on the Zappa thing, I know that Projekt Objekt is going to be doing their fall tour soon, which seems to be mainly circling the east coast. Hopefully they will come out your way so you can check em out. I caught them last December here in NJ and they rocked!!

To clarify, my friend (Susan is her name) is an old friend, so with old friends, you forgive alot. We actually had a really good time at the show in Indy, and it was a thrill to meet and see Adrian perform. Clearly, I havent been able to get enough since then, having seen him the Slicks 4 times now!

I did look at your myspace page, but it is set to private so I only saw your avatar and some basic info. I do have your yahoo email from this blog, so thats where I will send my 'gardening' pics, haha. Its such a pretty plant! And so useful, I really hope we see it legalized in our lifetime, although recently there has been renewed 'negative' press about its supposed dangers. Oh well...

Lets see, what else? I guess thats it for now, it is 11pm here on the east coast and Ive had a long day. I have to fold some laundry and then Im laying down. chat later...


Tickledrop said...

Well I just uploaded some pics from last night's ZPZ show to House of Belew. I haven't seen PO but did get the chance to see Ike with The Banned From Utopia way back in what was it ... the mid-90s I think. They were really good and the show was at my favorite club, the Family Dog's Maritime Hall in San Francisco. Yeah. I would love to see PO too. Especially with Eric on the skins. His new drum set from Adrian looks killer btw! I love silver and I especially love sparkles!

Okay. Well it's time YOU Pete get a myspace. There's lots of bands and other cool stuff on it. Ha--even Adrian is on there! Ask your daughter. She'll hook you up. Then request me as a friend. ;-)

Pete Franke said...

Hey there, it seems that something has 'popped loose' on your House of Belew site; none of the pics you are referencing are showing up on the page. Yikes! I was soo looking forward to vicariously enjoying the ZPZ show, too. Im so depressed right now!

Myspace, huh? Well, I think in fact that I do have an account, which I created to keep an eye on Kendra's (my kid) blog. Freakin teenagers, you never know what they are up to!! Buuut, it appears that Im not doing a very good job of keeping tabs, cause I can not log onto my myspace, nor am I entirely certain what my Myspace login ID or password is....

Pretty impressive for an I.T. professional, huh? That's right, Im a 'computer guy'! But clearly, I should prefix any such description with 'loser', as in 'loser computer guy' hahaha :0D

Ok, I will get myspace shit together and let you know so that I can enjoy all the benefits of myspace friendship ;-D SO, now Ive got a list:
1) send you a pic of me that doesnt cause distress (kidding)
2) send soothing pics of gardening stuff
3) create myspace account so that I can join the human race

Pls know this is ALL said with a smile, Im just having some fun here. Ok, back to work for me. later!


Tickledrop said...

Hey Pete. Thanks for the word about the pics. Are you logged into the House of Belew? I wonder if that makes a difference. Try logging in to the group - you may have to join - and then let me know if you can see them. I wonder what is up. Oh well, I didn't start off trying to add a #4 to your busy list! Sorry. hehehehe

So you try to spy on your teen and look what happens. They are probably better at checking up on us online! Not kidding.* Start over I say... but keep track this time or you'll need to have your teen hack into the old one! HA

IT freak huh. So you know about ports and stuff. Interesting.

later... rf

Pete Franke said...

Lets all Sing 'This is the thread that never ends, it goes on and on my friend. Some people..started typing it, not knowing what is was...'

thank you Shari Lewis! Actually the original was written by a guy named Norman Martin (???)

yes, I know ALL about ports and stuff ;-D although I would NOT consider myself an IT freak. My background and interests are a bit more diverse and non-techie related than that. Ive done everything from home construction to farm work to fencing installation to retail sales, photography, and, specific to 'computers', desktop pc support, network and security administration, blah blah blah...Right now Im doing application & database administration with some Crystal reports development and support for a legal office that provides intellectual property management for a major NJ university.

I grabbed a membership to House of Belew and still no pics Rena! What is interesting is that Google's blog-related services appeared to go offline for a couple of hours this morning. Im wondering if the image links on newly added content became corrupted or lost because of the outage (?) Pure conjecture but you may want to re-dd your images.

Geez, I am such a chatterbox! Particularly when texting. I need to mellow the hell out!

later rf!

Tickledrop said...

"... and they'll continue singing it forever just because...." :-9

So how was Projeckt Revolution? What band was your favorite?

Pete Franke said...

Hi Rena (yea, Ive been checking your blog occasionally, Im glad to see you're back)

How is your daughter doing? I know its tuff to let em go...My kid is a junior in highschool and Im already have palpitations.

Projekt Revolution was a lot of fun! I will say that Im grateful for the endurance training that my cycling provides me, cause it was freakin HOT. The first half of the concert was performed in a corner of the parking lot on the secondary 'Revolution Stage'. No shade at all, just heat and sunshine and that special blend of atmospheric particulates that you find in the tri-state area!

Due to the heat, crowd moshing and surfing was at a mininum, which Im OK with! As far as the music, a good sampling of rock and punk, with some emo and musical theater types thrown in. Bands that ROCKED: Medina Lake, The Bled, and MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE (this band is a riot to watch!!).

Bands that werent so great: Styles of Beyond (hiphop) and Saosin (poser Southern California band, lead singer spent most of his time dissing the crowd, smug little fuck). After 4 hours packed into that crowd, the VIP lounge and our shaded box seats for the main event felt REAL good!!

All of the main stage acts were very entertaining (HIM, Taking Back Sunday, Placebo, My Chemical Romance and Linkin Park). Performances of note would include a very intense performance by HIM, some interesting gay oral sex simulations by brit band Placebo (their big hit is a tune called 'Nancy Boy', they were actually very good), a very personal and emotive performance by My Chem (the band is from Newark, and they brought it) and well, LInkin Park, what can you say...

I know, it must seem inconsistant to be into a prog rock master like Ade, and yet enjoy a band like Linkin Park. Robin makes fun of me for it. In my defense, those guys put on one of the best rock shows Ive ever seen! And ppl really connect to what the band sings about. Alot of common themes about vulnerability, self doubt, and heartache. I mean, its not rocket science, but man its a good time! Kendra and I had a really good time.

So, there it is, my 4 paragraph reply to your two sentence question. glad to fill up your comments section Rena, Im sure you appreciate it.

Have a great, long Labor Day weekend (cannot believe its already here). I will likely be going to Asbury Lanes on Friday to catch Crescent Moon again, along with some other killer bands and, since the Slicks are heading to their beach house this weekend as well, Im hoping to see both Gary and Robin there. Maybe Ill get an invite to their beach house...haha, although I wont hold my breath for that. Robin can be so difficult!