Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Wow! A dollar a minute doesn't sound nearly as bad as $6.66 per minute! YES. That's what was charged for the Int'l collect calls. Yeah. Don't ever accept these. My sister suggested I call to try to get them reduced. I like her idea.


Daryl Darko said...

hi Tickledrop! thanks for the link to the Polyphonic Spree torrent. i'm dl'ing it right now. as for long distance overseas phone calls, you should look into using Skype. i can call my son's cell phone in Ireland for 16 cents a minute!



She didn't take a phone card because she took her cell. She had since lost the cell on the plane or at the airport on her way to Guadalajara. Teens! I just told her as nicely as I could, DO NOT CALL!

They've got a lot of good music on that site. Hope it works out for ya! Rock on.

Big Idea said...

just click on "bigidea"

Tickledrop said...

Okay. I did that and it doesn't show me your blog. Only your profile. Your blog is not listed there. Do you see it? Can you hear me now? lol

Big Idea said...

I don't know how to put the link to the blog on my profile.

You are on my approved list of readers so I'm not sure why you can't see it.
Tell me how to get the link on the profile like yours is.
On my sister in laws blog all i have to do is click her name and I go straight to her blog. on yours i go to your profile and then have to click the link at the bottom of the page so I'm confussed, but that is no surprise

Amy said...

After hours of clicking and searching, it is done.
You may now see my blog....for what it is worth.