Saturday, September 1, 2007

Up Front Stage Right

The Adrian Belew Power Trio Rocking The Southgate! Photo courtesy of red6uitar

Hey Pete! Here's a picture from that night at the Stagehouse...wait, what was it called? You know, where they recorded Side Four. I'm drawing a blank on the venue name. Oh well.

Sorry the picture is not so good. A friend sent it to me. Looks like it rained on the camera or something. Always clean the camera lens before the show! Live and learn I guess.

Do you see yourself anywhere? ;-) I see Len from the Tribe. He's the guy in the picture, front row all the way on the right, reddish shirt with a cap, holding a beer. We met in Ohio last summer the night after the Indy Show.


Pete Franke said...

Hey Rena! Look at the guy with the white cap, draw a line from the top of his hat to the top right corner of the frame. My face is the second one you will draw through...I think that look is working for me, that blurred, indistinct look, that is haha!

thats all, really. I WAS going to drive out to asbury park to catch the music their Friday night, but ya know, I just wasnt up for the 4 hour round trip. So I passed. I know, I drove 16 hours for Adrian, but I think the Slicks will understand ;-)

I trust you are having a lovely holiday weekend. I still have two more things to do on my list, so Im thinking I may use my day off to get to it!!

pete ;-D

Tickledrop said...

Oh, I see you. How I wish I was there!

Driving for Adrian is worth every mile! It is about ten hours to Seattle from the Bay Area so better off flying. Wish I knew when they would be out again. That would help me decide about Seattle.

Hopefully you got all your stuff done! I'm still working on my list.

Pete Franke said...

Hey, did you get my email from 8/30/07? I mean, its not a big deal if you hadnt replied, but I did send you an email a couple of weeks ago, featuring a somewhat sharper pic of myself than that taken at the Southgate.

I am NOT soliciting a response from you on this, how gouche would that be? but I have been curious as to whether you had recieved it. I sent to your yahoo account from my address, perhaps your yahoo account treated it like spam or junk mail?

Hey, and your pics from the berkeley ZPZ show still are not appearing on the House of Belew website! You gotta fix that man!


Tickledrop said...

Hey Pete. I don't remember seeing your email. I opened the spam folder and there were almost 300 messages. I went ahead and cleaned it out, but didn't see your message. Anyway, try again and I'll look for a message from that addy. And send over any pics you have from the live shows. Wait. Not the ones that make me dizzy though! Wasn't that you?

Tickledrop said...

Oh, and I'll work on the HOB pics right now! Hopefully my theory is right.

Pete Franke said...

Dizzy? No, I dont recall that, unless I took some pictures from the top of Ade's overblown ego and it gave you vertigo!!

Kidding, OMG!

Ill send you some cool shots of Ade from Asbury Park, I think. He had on these sunglasses that matched his guitar and he looked pretty cool!

You HAVE seen my ABPT Southgate videos on YouTube, right? There are 5 of em, Ill send you a link to my favorite (Madness) and you can find the rest by following my profile links (my handle is madhazered)

I also have some videos from Asbury, but I havent posted them cause unfortunately, they didnt come out too good. Mono pickup on my little video camera, and the sound is realllly flat!

Ok, enough out of me, Im at work and bored on a Friday afternoon, what can I say?

peace Rena, see ya around!