Thursday, October 11, 2007

Blogger's Choice Awards

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Pete Franke said...

Ill vote for you Rena! Your blog is totally kick ass!! ;-D

Poor Robin, she's gotten all kinds of twisted up about all of this internet bullshit. The stalking and harassment she is getting just sucks.

A chance to meet up with you would be fun, I bet! Ill smoke you under the table, man!!



ps - hows the kid doing?

Tickledrop said...

HA! That's really nice Pete that you like my blog but the vote thing is for Adrian Belew's Elephant Talk. And I'm sure you have figured that out by now! teehehehehe

So you think so eh? You better get out your smokin' boots dude. I don't think it's possible! I would however find a high interest in checking out the flavors in your neck of the woods. It's looking, and smelling, real pretty around these parts!

The kids are good. The girl needs to get a jay-o-bee and not a minute too soon. She spends way too much of my $$. The boy I adore as he still adores me! It's much more fun than teen drama. That shit gives me a headache.

And how about you? Whatcha up too?

Pete Franke said...

its that beautiful year round california weather, combined with all those hippie, trippie people!! We here on the east coast are much more serious-minded, no running naked through the park around HERE, by golly!! :-D

smokin' boots, huh?? HAHAHA, that is funny, really funny! Alright Rena, its throw down time, Im ready for you. Ill be SLEEPING with my smokin boots on, you better believe it! Ill giggle you under the table, with my icey, blood shot stare....

Been to a few shows recently; Genesis, Bruce Springsteen, and I was in Philly Sunday night for the Crescent Moon/Project Object show! Saw the Slicks there, though they were not in the best of moods, and enjoyed some good music. Napoleon Brock shook my hand before the show started, which was quite a suprise! It was a good night...

Generally, things are good by me. Im not rich, but the bills are getting paid. I get stressed out with work sometimes, but my kid Kendra and I get along well at home, teenage drama aside (man, was I this self-absorbed as a teen? Probably...). Last night, at my daughters prompting, we listened to the soundtrack from 'Across the Universe' which is a movie about Beatles music themed around events driven in part by the Vietnam War (I was too young to be effected directly by that war, and my father was too old to serve). All the characters in the movie have names from beatles songs, and the songs are performed by an interesting blend of musicians and singers. While I think Robin Slick might be too hard core to enjoy it, I really had fun hearing some old beatles music played in fresh new ways. BTW, my daughter is a HUGE Beatles fan!! Its kinda unusual for a 16 year old, but she has Beatles posters in her room and everything!

Thats some music highlights. I could go on, but its alot of the mundane detail of life's challenges, ya know? My car battery died, my cat escaped the house (he came back after 3 days, bad kittie!), a friend suffered a loss, another friend seems to be losing herself to depression and isolation, some other dear friends are moving to Florida, so Ive been spending extra time with them...

so, chat chat chat, thats it for now. See ya soon! ;-D


Pete Franke said...

hey, I was just revisiting, and wanted to be clear about the way my previous comment reads; the 'hahaha''s were meant as playful and happy, not anything competitive or mean-spirited.

now the rest of the paragraph, well that was definitely competitive, but in a nice way!

ok, so thats it man. Hey, check your mailbox!


Tickledrop said...

Year round weather! Not like you think. Well, MY comments were meant to be a bit competitive, so there. Bring it on! hahahaha <=LOL Just a little bit now!

Tickledrop said...

Across the Universe. My kid's been trying to get me to see the movie with her. First day it comes out she wants to drive into the city - the only place it was playing. She and some friends went. Now it was playing closer and she really wants to see it with me. I don't know that I will like it, especially after seeing the LOVE show in Vegas in August.

Man I want to see P/O. I haven't seen them and the last time I think I saw Ike was with Banned from Utopia - another Zappa tribute thing around the mid '90s I want to say. Not sure on the dates. Things smoosh together without verification. And for things that smoosh, they would without a doubt be those blurry shows from the late, great Maritime Hall in SF.

Enjoy all your shows!

Pete Franke said...

Hey are you being affected by all these horrible wild fires?

Pete Franke said...

and I just realized that you are not near enough to that part of Ca....duh!! :-D

ok, later!


Pete Franke said...

yo rena! I didnt want to start up a whole side conversation on Robins site but I wanted to acknowledge your last message to me over there...

my boots DO travel, but a west coast trip is a bit much for my budget right now, lol, especially since I would HAVE to bring my daughter with me. She wouldnt forgive me otherwise

So yea, Im just a humble dirt farmer out here in the wilds of New Jersey...:-)