Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Reason TV: Drew Carey defends Medical Marijuana's Drew Carey Project. Drew takes a look at patients who need and use medical marijuana in California, and how the federal government is making their lives even worse


Pete Franke said...

Wake up Rena, Side 4 is available for purchase....

your welcome sweetie!! :-D


Tickledrop said...

Wide awake with eyes wide open! Fuck yeah! I just ordered three copies signed!

So how have you been? Loved your email by the way! Working on one to send ya. ;-]

Pete Franke said...

youre hard core Rena! :-D Ive been fine girl, although recently a bad case of bronchitis has had me home bound. Its starting to bum me out! no bike riding for me :-(. And no smoking either! Well, except for last night. Actually, thats the only reason I knew about the earlier than expected presale, I was chillin to a pipe and listening to music, surfing the web and stuck my head in Robins site....did you see my comment?? I hope Robin didnt mind, but it seemed like the only thing I COULD say at the time...

Saw Robert Fripp at world cafe live in Philly a couple of weeks ago which was unique and interesting. next gig - Evanescence! Oh Amy Lee, so sublime, so emo! Kendra doesnt know about it yet, its a xmas suprise for her from dear ol' dad. i cant wait to tell her about it!

at least we arent having oil spills or wildfires in my neighborhood...that must be a drag at some level, huh?

Im just so happy that s4 is finally available! One thing Ive been wanting to do, just for fun, is take the movies I shot from the Southgate, remove the existing audio layer and replace it with the cd version. The trick is in getting the sync right. Just for fun, mind you.

otherwise, its just the mundane stuff of life, ya know. Im not embarking on a world tour, no groupies pounding at my door (well, maybe a couple lol) and life is generally OK. So, you coming out for Thanksgiving weekend? hahaha!

peace rena, have fun and dust off your headphones for SIDE 4 BABY!!!


Amy said...

thanks for the Happy Birthday wishes.
Oh yeah, wish you could come to my party!!!!!!!
come on baby!!

Tickledrop said...

teeheehee Well you just make some wishes when you blow out those candles girlfriend! But really I kinda think YOU need the vacation. A trip out west would rock for you!

Amy said...

A trip out west is so needed!

Hey, which email addy is best to contact you? I have three different ones for you.

I need your home address. I have school pics of the kids and I wanted to send some to you.

How is Nora doing, btw?

love ya.

Anonymous said...

Pete, if you have any problem with the video thing please drop me a line. I have family in the industry with lots of cool toys to help with stuff like that. All I want in return is some video footage for Eric Slick Dot Com